arms of Caid1999 Past Events Photos:

December 4 Angels/Altavia Friendship Tourney
November 21 Queen's Champion -Heatherwyne
November 13/14 Great Western War III - Dreiburgen
October 23, Dreiburgen Anniversary
September 25 Angels' Anniversary
September 4/5 Potrero War - Calafia

August 21 - Leodamus of Thebes - Calafia
July 30/31 - Darkwell War in Dun Or

July 10 - Lyondemere Anniversary
June 26 - Gyldenholt Anniversary  
June 13 - Queen's Champion Tournament
June 5 - Heatherwyne Anniversary Tournament
May 29-30  - Spring Potrero War
May 15 -CP Prize Tourney/Altavia Tournament
May 1 -Voyager May Day Tourney/Angels Tournament
April 3 - Heatherwyne March Hare Tournament

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