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The purpose of these websites is to discuss and promote youth activities in the SCA*, specifically the region "Kingdom of Caid". These "youth activities" include learning about history, and especially discovering how the youth lived a thousand years ago.

          • These websites only collect and post youths' SCA* name, and the region they and their families play in.
          • We do not want to collect, and we will not keep information on the following:
              -Real names of youth (We only use SCA names or nicknames)
              -Youths' addresses, phone numbers or other contact information. (We only use their  SCA region, barony or shire)
          • We do not collect or post any personal information about the youth.
          • We do not obtain any information electronically, i.e. via cookies.
          • We do not keep any lists of youth.
          • No information is forwarded to any third parties.

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*SCA is the Society for Creative Anachronism, a medieval re-enactment group, which selectively re-creates the historical period from approximately Roman times to 1650 AD. We seek to learn about the beauty and chivalry of our past and to share with others the wonders of medieval Europe. We re-create the fun parts, like the feasts, costumes & sword fighting (but leave out the parts like plagues, lice and beheadings!).

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